Science Impulse Program

Join CEA Tech to achieve your own research project in line with technological challenges adressed by CEA Tech's institutes:
CEA-Leti, CEA-List or CEA-Liten.

In words


Launched by CEA Tech, in sept 2020, the Science Impulse program is a brand new research program which offers a great opportunity to junior scientists to develop their own ideas and be the principal investigators of scientific projects in line with exciting challenges.

Our ambition, through the recruitment of high-level junior researchers, aims at impulsing new dynamics on strategic and impactful technological topics having a positive impact for society. Whatever the challenge selected, whatever the career path envisioned, joining us has a deep meaning : the junior researcher will not only  work on a major societal challenge, deeply rooted in science and technology, but his/her project will be at the heart of highly innovative ecosystems, each offering unique opportunities in research and career paths.

Each project will be supported over the 3 years with a package commensurate with the project needs, as discussed during the preparation phase. This package will comprise – in addition to the salary of the laureate – the full support required to pursue the project, including hiring a 2-year post-doctoral researcher to be supervised by the laureate, technical and scientific support by CEA Tech teams, relevant access to CEA Tech facilities.

Of course the laureates will beneficiate from previous developments done at our institutes but should also aggregate the researches made in our different departments around a transversal and structuring project.

Science impulse

Who can apply ?

Junior researchers (1,2) of any nationality can apply for a Science Impulse funding (fellowship) to carry out a research project at CEA tech for at least three years.

(1) any candidate should have defended his/her doctorate (PhD) since at least 2 years on Dec. 31st, 2020, and no more than 7 years on Sept. 1st, 2020 (extensions of period could be considered in specific cases, such as scientists having experienced maternity leave since PhD defence. Please, contact the program manager).

(2) scientists currently or previously having been employed by CEA may not be eligible (please contact the program manager).

The 2020 challenges in a nutshell

CEA-Liten, Grenoble

Towards an intelligent fuel cell management system

CEA-Leti, Grenoble

Innovate for an environmental exposure (exposome) measurement system

CEA-Leti, Grenoble

Take one of the key challenges of 6G technologies

CEA-List, saclay

Inventing the architecture of the future quantum computer

Finest ecosystems

By joining us to achieve your research project, you will integrate one of our institutes and work in best in class scientific and academic ecosytem, either in Grenoble or in Paris-Saclay (Top 15 Shangai Ranking’s ARWU 2020).  

CEA Tech’s institutes in Grenoble :

CEA-Liten is a major research institute spearheading the EU’s efforts to limit dependency on fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in three key areas: renewable energy, energy efficiency/storage and development of materials. CEA-Liten is the only European research institute to span the entire value chain from the development of materials to pre-industrialization.

CEA-Leti pioneers micro and nanotechnologies, tailoring differentiating applicative solutions that ensure competitiveness in a wide range of markets. The institute tackles critical challenges such as healthcare, energy, transport and ICTs.

CEA Tech’s institute in Paris-Saclay :

CEA-List is a smart digital system expert, leading research on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, IoT software, radiation control… in order to identify better tommorow’s technological breakthroughs and to develop disruptive technologies for advanced manufacturing, embedded systems, data intelligence and health ionizing radiation monitoring

You are a talented early-career scientist who has already produced excellent work and shows potential to be a research leader.

Take the opportunity to propose and lead a research project: CEA Tech offer a full package over 3 years, including your salary and adequate means to hire at least a 2-year post doc to work under your supervision and access to relevant experimental and numerical CEA facilities.

a leading research organisation

The CEA : a key player in technological research

The CEA, the only government research organisation in France in the Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators™ (2018, 2019), catalyzes and accelerates innovation for France’s industrial economy. Companies in virtually all industries (transportation, healthcare, safety, energy, telecommunications, microelectronics, and more) turn to the CEA to help them develop differentiating products using innovative processes and materials. 

The technologies developed at the CEA are protected by a broad portfolio of patents. And, with regional offices across France, the CEA is positioned to bring greater innovation to local partners and support value creation and long-lasting jobs. To respond to growing demand for innovation, the CEA is also ramping up support for its own startups, which play a vital role in transferring the know-how and technologies developed at CEA labs to the market. More than 100 startups have been created to date; 75% of them are in deep tech, which means that the path to the market is still long and will require substantial investments in R&D and prototyping.


+ 4,000 RESEARCHERS & engineers

700M€ budget

+600 priority patents filings per year