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Site Editor

Name of company: Commissariat à l’énergie atomique
Address of head office: 25 rue Leblanc Bâtiment Le Ponant D
Commercial registration (RCS):
SIREN: 775685019


Name of Site-hosting Company

Name of company: Commissariat à l’énergie atomique
Address of head office: 25 rue Leblanc Bâtiment Le Ponant D
Commercial registration (RCS):
SIREN: 775685019



Name of Publication Directors

Thibaut DAVID, Science Impulse Program Manager
Jonathan BRUNO, Science Impulse Communication Manager


Copyright and Intellectual Property

All items appearing on our Site are protected under intellectual property law. Consequently, any reproduction or imitation of these items, whether in full or in part, without our prior express consent in writing, is prohibited.
It is formally prohibited to collect and use the information on the Site for commercial purposes.
This prohibition covers in particular, but is not limited to, any editorial item appearing on the Site, the presentation of screens, operational software, logos, images, photos, and graphics of any kind.



The Site is intended for any person (hereafter referred to as “the User”) seeking to submit a speculative application or to access a specific job vacancy made by the Company.
The “candidate area” service can only be accessed by login and password.
The Company reserves the right to modify, improve, and add to the services offered on the Site at any time.


Company Obligations

Access to Website Services

The Company shall provide all resources available in order to offer the best services to the User and to facilitate his/her access.
As such, the Company will ensure access to the Site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
However, access may be restricted at the discretion of the Company and its operational or hosting suppliers due to maintenance or other technical reasons. In these specific instances of limited access, the Company will give prior notice to the User and will endeavour to limit the duration of this interruption.
The Company also reserves the right to suspend access to services without being held liable in cases such as attacks on the Site (viruses, malicious intrusions, etc.) which may potentially affect the capacity, security or integrity of processing or data, notice by the Company of the presence of illegal content, a request for suspension or restriction of Site access made by an administrative or judicial authority, or through formal notice from a third party.

Data Security and Confidentiality

The company complies with the requirements of the amended French law ? 78-17 on Information Technology, Data Files, and Civil Liberty of 6 January 1978, regarding the management of Users’ personal data.
The Company shall ensure the security of data in order to prevent its alteration, damage, or supply to unauthorised third parties and to ensure that it is used exclusively to manage and follow-up Users’ speculative applications or applications for vacant positions.
The Company shall not be liable to the User for the loss or disappearance of data pertaining to the User in the event of a force majeure, or the actions of a third party.


User Obligations

The User shall take all necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality and preservation of his/her access code, and to ensure that it is not divulged to any other person.
Neither the Company nor any other company of the Group using the Site shall be held liable for any fraudulent use of the access code.
Operations performed on the Site under the User’s login details are deemed to have been carried out on behalf of that User, who assumes liability.
The Site’s exclusive purpose is to facilitate the Company’s recruitment process. It should be accessible to the User for the sole purpose of enabling him/her to view and apply for vacancies. As such, the User shall refrain, in his/her personal area and the free-text entry areas available on the Site, from any unlawful use, including sending messages or producing recordings of violent, defamatory, or illegal content.


Information Technology and Civil Liberties

Registration with the National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL) and the Protection of Personal Data

Company CNIL registration: AFP20230574
User data is accessed and processed in full accordance with confidentiality regulations by one of the following parties: duly appointed individuals from the Company’s HR division, an external recruitment firm which the Company may, where relevant, call upon, or IT providers working on the implementation of the site, solely for the purposes of analysing the content of the CVs forwarded by the User and fulfilling the requirements of recruitment.
No personal information is collected without the User’s knowledge, nor processed for unspecified purposes. No personal information shall be collected without the User’s knowledge, nor used for unspecified purposes.

Right to Appeal, Access, and Modify User Data

In accordance with the provisions of the amended French Law of 6th January 1978, users can exercise their rights of opposition, access and correction on data regarding themselves by sending their request to the website administrator: