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Building the quantum computer, bit by bit

Quantum computing has long been seen as an “esoteric” discipline, the dominion of pure research, a laboratory science, a mysterious form of knowledge as intriguing as black holes. But that was then. This is now. And today, everybody is talking about quantum.

Toward a smart hydrogen fuel cell management system

That human-produced greenhouse gases cause climate change is no longer up for debate. Human activities like generating electricity, constructing and operating buildings, and running factories and other industrial facilities are all major producers of CO2 emissions.

On course to 6G telecommunications

As countries around the world continue to build and roll out 5G radio access and mobile networks, scientists and engineers are already turning their attention to 6G. This future generation of wireless communication technology, which we can expect by 2030, is 100 times faster and offers far better coverage than 5G—including in space!

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