Science impulse

The CEA Tech Science Impulse research fellowship offers you an exciting opportunity to develop your research career while pursuing the lines of scientific inquiry that matter most to you. During the three-year fellowship, you will gain valuable experience leading a research project and make a positive impact on society.

Your research project will align with the technological challenges addressed by CEA Tech, a leading Research & Technology Organization and will benefit from a complete package that includes financing, access to CEA facilities, and the option of hiring your own postdocs and engineering interns

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Access to CEA Tech’s state of the art technological research platforms


For your project for three years


Addressing strategic and high-impact issues for a better future



Have a look at the 4 exciting challenges we propose this year !

Junior Investigator – 3 year fellowship – Design a Closed-loop Implantable Multi-system Sensing Device for Neurological Disease Management

Junior Investigator – 3 year fellowship – Innovate Massive Data Processing Methods to Boost the Analysis of Lithium-ion Battery Characterizations at Large-scale Facilities

Junior Investigator – 3 year fellowship – Innovate for Digital Frugality with Early and Coarse Sensor Data Quantization

Junior Investigator – 3 year fellowship – Innovate New Processing Paradigms, Data Intelligence, Methodologies, and Tools for Frugal Digital

2022 CalendAR

Application schedule

Bear the planning of this year's call in mind !

Until May, 31st - 5Pm CEST

Step 1 - application to be fully completed online


Information to candidates pre-selected for step 2

UNTIL June, 30th - 5PM CEST

Step 2 - Submission of proposals




Announcement of laureates

FROM SEPT, 1st to end of YEAR

Project Kick off: to be agreed between laureates & CEA


Selection process AT A GLANCE

Any eligible scientists may apply to one of the 4 challenges.

Deadline on May the 31st

Applicants should provide a full CV, a letter of intent (or motivation letter) and a preliminary description of a possible research project based on the selected Science Impulse challenge. The selection will focus on the assessment of the intellectual capacity and creativity of the applicants, on the ground of their CV and motivation letter. Regarding the pre-project, the jury checks only the consistency with the challenge description at this stage.

Deadine on June, the 30th

No later than June 10th, around 3 candidates per challenge will be invited to further prepare their applications. Each selected candidate will benefit of 2 slots, each of up to 2 hours, to exchange by videoconference (preferably) or phone call with experts from the CEA Tech research teams. The goal is to help each candidate to design a research project and write a 3-page proposal leveraging on all relevant opportunities and skills of CEA Tech facilities and teams.

From July the 1st to July the 15th, each of these candidates will defend his/her project during a one-hour audition, either in Grenoble, or in Paris area (or by visioconference). The jury will assess:

  • the candidate capacities to propose and lead the research project.
  • the relevance (for the field) of the proposed research.
  • the possible impact of the project (ambition).
  • the consistency of the balance between risks and targeted advances.

The 2022 application campaign is closed


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The CEA: A major global center for research and innovation

The CEA, the only government research organisation in France in the Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators™ (2018, 2019, 2020, 2022), catalyzes and accelerates innovation for France’s industrial economy. Companies in virtually all industries (transportation, healthcare, safety, energy, telecommunications, microelectronics, and more) turn to the CEA to help them develop differentiating products using innovative processes and materials. 

The technologies developed at the CEA are protected by a broad portfolio of patents. And, with regional offices across France, the CEA is positioned to bring greater innovation to local partners and support value creation and long-lasting jobs. To respond to growing demand for innovation, the CEA is also ramping up support for its own startups, which play a vital role in transferring the know-how and technologies developed at CEA labs to the market. More than 100 startups have been created to date; 75% of them are in deep tech, which means that the path to the market is still long and will require substantial investments in R&D and prototyping.

4,000+ Scientists
& engineers

€700 M annual operating budget

600+ priority patents applications per year

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Le CEA : seul organisme de recherche public français dans le top 1 mondial​

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et boostées par le CEA, qui développe ses propres start-ups.

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des start-ups créées par le CEA relèvent des Deep Tech.

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